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At Life Psychiatry, Dr. Diaz and his staff believe that your mental health and wellness needs are unique to you. Our goal is to provide compassionate and customized treatment tailored to your specific needs. Our team is here to support and assist you on your journey toward better mental health.

A note about insurance: We are closer to fully accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. The first new patient appointment is self-pay ($160), but subsequent appointments with Dr. Diaz are eligible to be billed to BCBS. Please let the front desk know if you’d like to use your BCBS insurance. We are still waiting for acceptance into Medicaid’s network.

About Dr. Diaz, M.D.

Dr. Diaz is a board-certified psychiatrist located in Mobile, AL and is dedicated to providing patient-centered care to children, teens, and adults with diverse psychiatric diagnoses. His warm and approachable personality creates a comfortable environment for patients.

Dr. Diaz approaches psychiatry with the belief that many patients may not necessarily have physiological issues, but are often pushed to the limit by the challenges of everyday life. Through an in-depth diagnosis and treatment plan, he uses medical knowledge, therapy and medication (but not always!) to help his patients find the inner strength to overcome obstacles.

Dr. Diaz’s goal is to help people “Live In Freedom Everyday” (L.I.F.E.) and discover their full life potential. Schedule your appointment with him today.

Our approach to care

Life Psychiatry implements a three-part mental health treatment process:

Step 1: Evaluation

As a new patient, we will take the time to get to know you thoroughly. We will have an in-depth conversation about your history, background, past experiences, and challenges. Through a series of questions and assessments, we aim to understand how your body and brain function. Dr. Diaz has a well-deserved reputation for his ability to effectively work with both children and adults, providing high-quality care to all patients.

Step 2: Diagnosis & Treatment

With a clinical diagnosis, we can create a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and experiences. Dr. Diaz employs medication only when necessary, taking the time to explain its physiological effects and collaborating with you to ensure it aligns with your psychiatric goals. Paired with cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, and real-talk to get to the root of issues, we will see healing and progress toward a better future.

Step 3: Maintenance

All patients are different and will see progress over different timeframes but it’s through regular maintenance, medication management (if needed), therapy, and follow up appointments that we can measure your progress and improvement over time.

Our goal is to get you living your best life — so good that you never have to come back to see us at Life Psychiatry!

What we diagnose and treat

• Addiction
• Anger
• Anxiety
• Autism spectrum
• Bipolar disorder
• Depression

• Eating disorders
• Family issues
• Grief & loss
• Identity concerns
• Insomnia
• Intellectual disabilities
• Marriage & relationship issues

• Oppositional behavior
• Schizophrenia
• Self-esteem issues
• Speech difficulties
• Spiritual concerns
• Substance abuse
• Trauma
…and more

Ready to reach your full potential?

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